Over 150 Years of Entrepreneurial Spirit and Innovation


In Wiener Neustadt near Vienna Franz Burkhard founds a drawing mill and develops special machines for the production of wire tacks.


The company “Franz Burkhard” has developed rapidly.

It now produces shoe nails, forged horseshoe culkins, hot- and cold-pressed rivets, forged fence tips, melts scrap iron to produce rolled steel bars which are later rolled to wire and then drawn. Even the fire proof stones for the inside of the smelting furnace are self-made. Also the production of groundwood pulp, pasteboard, and cushion springs is succesfully commenced.

The industry still depends on the force of steam or flowing water, so four branch plants have been built at rivers near Wiener Neustadt.


After the early death of his father, Heinrich Burkhard takes over the management. He successfully leads the company through the hard times after the breakdown of the monarchy which leads to the loss of several markets.

The Company is renamed to “Franz Burkhard’s Söhne”.


After the death of his uncle Heinrich and his aunt Bertha, the later adopted nephew Dipl.‑Ing. Franz Drechsel‑Burkhard takes over as single owner.

He concentrates the company in Putzmannsdorf (municipality of Ternitz), where it still resides.


The end of World War II sees a severely robbed-out and struggling company lacking raw materials. By tightening the production program it can be restored.


Paper clips, staples and thumbtacks are made under licence.


The company celebrates its 100th anniversary.

The production of lattice girders for house construction starts. The adjusted production program contains drawn wires, wire tacks, rivets, horse shoe culkins, fence- and ski-stick tips, and welding wire.


Dipl.‑Ing. Franz Drechsel‑Burkhard jun. and his brother Dkfm. Martin Drechsel‑Burkhard take over.

The concrete reinforcement steel division grows strongly and cold ribbed reinforcing steel is added to the program.


Ing. Erich Feigl joins the company and becomes plant manager for over 30 years. He develops the division of rivets into a modern, potent production of cold headed and formed parts.

Through extensive acquisition activities, he opens up completely new customer groups for the company.

Several modern wide-span factory sheds are built.


The firm is restructured into a limited liability company and is handed over to a private trust.

Dipl.‑Ing. Matthias Drechsel‑Burkhard, a nephew of the former owners, becomes the new general manager.


The company celebrates its 150th anniversary.

To this occasion a commemorative publication has been published which can be downloaded from here (PDF, german, 140 pages, about 8 MB).


The production program of concrete reinforcement has been enlarged and is now including the FBS Therm, a light weight, easily applied loadbearing thermal insulation element for avoiding thermal bridges at projecting structures (e.g. balconies).
In the end of 2013 the production is terminated and the production facilities are sold.


The production facilities for the lattice girders are sold, the production of cold ribbed reinforcing steel is terminated. The production program is now concentrated on the cold forming sector which is completed by the production of CNC-turned parts for small to medium lot sizes.

The production area in this manufacturing sector is expanded again by a new production hall.


Despite the difficult global economic situation, which was caused by the global financial crisis, currently approximately 80 persons are employed.


In November Johannes Steinparzer joins the company and becomes member of the management board.

His main tasks include the reorganization and improvement of the company's production and sales areas as well as the optimization of internal processes. His work for the company, which was set for a limited period right from the start, ends at the end of June 2020.


In July Markus Gruber takes over from Mr. Steinparzer and becomes member of the management board.

Mr. Gruber has been with the company for many years and has fully supported it in various functions (quality management, plant management, sales).